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ECE 3040     Sustainable Energy and Power Systems I

Introduction to electrical energy systems: history, current trends, renewable and non-renewable sources, rotating machines and their operation, and smart grid initiatives.

ECE 5025     Power Electronics: Devices, Circuits, and Applications

Provides an introduction to power electronics conversion principles. Analytical techniques will be developed through the study of widely used converter circuits.

ECE 5041     Electric Machines

Principles of electromechanical energy conversion; basic structures of electric machines; steady state models and performance analysis; advanced topics on AC machine control.

ECE 6541     Advanced Topics in Sustainable Energy and Power Systems

Advanced topics in sustainable energy and power systems; basic issues and solutions to sustainable energy; the concept of smart grid; cyber control and security.

ECE 7843     Advanced Topics in Power Systems

Fundamental concepts and approaches in multi-agent systems for next generation power systems with focus on the operation and control of microgrids, and power market design.